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Blog is back!

Hey guys!

I am super excited writing this post, since I now decided to add a BLOG to my Pearls Health site (yayy!).

When I created Pearl's health website I wanted it to be strictly a site for my recipes and food creations .. But now it's been a year since I launched the site and I feel like sometimes maybe the inspiration for creating new recipes is not always there BUT I would have so much other things to share about what's going on in life and things I am learning and trying on my health journey. So that's the reason why I decided to add a blog to this page so I can start sharing more of my lifestyle and everyday life with you.

I am pumped! (I hope you are too) I want this to be a space of positive, inspiring, humble and honest posts. Big dilemma tho, should I wright in swedish, english or both?

Let me know what you like to read about and what type of posts you want to see!

xx Pearl



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