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American Bancakes

Updated: May 5, 2019

Yes, Bancakes (banana pancakes). Super duper yummy and nutritious. (I feel lik that is what I say about every recipe, haha. - Yummy and nutritious) But that's the way I like it ;)

These pancakes have chia seeds in them that makes them stick together. And did you know that chia seeds are PACKED with good stuff. Read this article for amazing health benefits and this one for some more nutrition facts. I just lovelovelove, these little poppy seeds.

But here comes the recipe of this 'glorious stack' ( that a reader on Instagram named them).



2 bananas

1 1/2 dl almond milk/oatmilk

1 tbsp melted coconutoil

pinch of salt

2 chia egg ( 2tbsp chia seeds in 4 tbsp of water, let sit for 3-5 min)

squeeze of honey (optional)

1 1/2 dl glutenfree flour

1 tsp cinnamon & 1 tsp cardamom (optional)


  1. Whip/mix everything together in a bowl.

  2. Fry the pancakes in a medium large pan about 1 minute each side.

  3. Tips. I usually flip my pancake when I see the little bubbles start to come thru ( You know what I mean when you see it ;) ).

Chocolate sauce:

3 tbsp coconut oil

squeeze of honey

1 tbsp cacao powder

mini pinch of salt

1 tsp raw vanilla (optional)

1 tbsp shredded coconut (optional)

1 tbsp cacao butter (optional)


Melt the coconut oil on low heat in a pot. Add the rest of the ingredients, give it a little swirl - and it's done. Pour it over your glorious stack of bancakes, add some nut butter if you have it at home and sprinkle some crunchy cacao nibs on top. Enjoy people!xx Pearl



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