Anna Hult

Hi, my name is Anna Pärlan (Pearl) Hult.  I’m proudly born and raised in Finland (in a small town called Jakobstad).  I have two very loving parents and two siblings.  I feel so lucky to have such a supportive group of people around me. As a kid I was very active, spending many years playing soccer and dancing.

I really have so many good childhood memories. 

Health isn’t something I was always in to.

My journey to better health first appeared wrapped in the disguise of difficulty. That difficulty was acne. 

Anyone who has suffered from it just a little knows exactly what I mean. All of my friends had near perfect complexion, but there I was suffering with bad skin. I didn’t feel beautiful at all. So it all started with my own personal experiences, but I also met someone very inspiring along the way who was already on a healthy lifestyle journey. 

I began reading articles, watching videos, and skimming through books.  All of my energy was focused on diet and health.  And over time all of the dots began to connect.  I was very inspired by the info I was finding and decided to start making dietary changes, hoping for good results.  So slowly I cut out more and more processed foods and replaced them with whole plant based foods.

It became a passion.  From eating cleaner, to sugar free, to gluten free, to dairy free, to vegan.  On this path, I realized more and more how connected my daily decisions are with balance of the entire planet.  All decisions have consequences, good and bad.  And let me state clearly that: I by no means am striving for perfection; just more conscious decision-making starting with my health. 

So, in 2014, I founded Pearl’s Health.  But as you can see above, my journey towards better health started many years before that. Whether you are already on a health journey or just getting started, Pearl’s Health has something useful for you.  All recipes here are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and processed sugar free.  Hope you enjoy!



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Many of the beautiful pictures taken by Sofia Ylimäki Photography